Monthly Archives: March 2010

Windows Security Catalogs and Effective Application Control

Solutions that provide application whitelisting or application control need to provide the administrator with a set of rules that can be used to precisely identify applications. The most common types of rule will check the file name or certain attributes of the file, as these rules are relatively simple to maintain, and in most circumstances will provide adequate protection, assuming a least privilege approach is in place, where users can’t tamper with application files.

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Centralizing Windows Events with Event Forwarding

If you are interested in centralizing Windows events from your desktops or servers then you should take a serious look at Windows Event Forwarding. Event Forwarding is provided by Windows Remote Management (WinRM) and enables you to get events from remote computers and store them in the local event log of an event collector computer.

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5 Tips for Flexible Desktop Lockdown

Desktop lockdown shouldn’t hinder a user from performing their day to day role. Rather, locking down desktops should provide a secure environment in which the user can effectively go about their tasks, without giving them the frustration of being ‘locked out’. Here we’ve provided 5 tips to help you on your way to achieving flexible desktop lockdown.

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