Monthly Archives: March 2010

Windows Security Catalogs and Effective Application Control

Solutions that provide application whitelisting or application control need to provide the administrator with a set of rules that can be used to precisely identify applications. The most common types of rule will check the file name or certain attributes of the … Continue reading

Centralizing Windows Events with Event Forwarding

If you are interested in centralizing Windows events from your desktops or servers then you should take a serious look at Windows Event Forwarding. Event Forwarding is provided by Windows Remote Management (WinRM) and enables you to get events from … Continue reading

5 Tips for Flexible Desktop Lockdown

Desktop lockdown shouldn’t hinder a user from performing their day to day role. Rather, locking down desktops should provide a secure environment in which the user can effectively go about their tasks, without giving them the frustration of being ‘locked … Continue reading