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The simple way to mitigate over 90% of Critical Microsoft Vulnerabilities

Unconvinced about the importance of removing user admin rights? Read on for some compelling reasons why user privileges should be at the top of your security agenda in 2014.

Microsoft extends limited security support for Windows XP – but is this enough?

Microsoft has announced that it will continue to provide updates to its anti-malware signatures and engine for Windows XP users until July 14th, 2015. But what does this really mean? The end of support for the operating system as a … Continue reading

Turning Concern into Action

Edward Snowden’s data leakage at the NSA has certainly caused a ripple effect across the entire IT landscape, forcing organizations across all industries to take a closer look at their current security defenses. At the McAfee FOCUS conference in October … Continue reading

How to deliver ultimate security whilst reducing costs

64% of IT security professionals believe malware incidents to be a significant reason for the increase in IT operating expenses (2013 State of The Endpoint, Ponemon) Today’s malware is increasingly sophisticated, taking advantage of normal user behaviour to gain a … Continue reading

How Least Privilege delivers ROI: More Insights from Gartner

How you could reduce the cost of downtime by 70% “Organizations which have a one size fits all approach to PC lock-down will have a higher TCO than organizations that optimize their policies based on user needs” (Gartner) Optimizing desktop … Continue reading

Admin Rights: The Root Cause Behind Today’s Top Security Concerns

At April’s Infosecurity Europe conference in London, we conducted a survey that revealed a troubling disparity between IT professionals’ top security concerns and their existing (or lack of) best practices. Results shed light on the extent to which organizations allow … Continue reading

Info Security Products Guide Global Excellence Award Builds on a Successful First Half of Fiscal Year 2013

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve been honored for the second year in a row by Info Security Products Guide, which recently named our Privilege Guard a Silver winner of the 2013 Global Excellence Awards in the Identity Management … Continue reading

Going to RSA 2013 – Join Us on Stand 1616 with Microsoft

Time seems to fly by here at Avecto and we can’t believe that twelve months have passed since the last RSA Conference in the US. For 2013, we’re partnering with Microsoft during RSA, so if you haven’t had a chance … Continue reading

Are Unwitting Employees the Weak Link for Organizational Security?

As the sophistication of malware evolves and organizations face an increasingly tumultuous threat landscape, heavy investments are continually made for new security controls, policies and best practices. Yet, one critical – but avoidable – flaw remains. The human aspect of … Continue reading