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Turning Concern into Action

Edward Snowden’s data leakage at the NSA has certainly caused a ripple effect across the entire IT landscape, forcing organizations across all industries to take a closer look at their current security defenses. At the McAfee FOCUS conference in October … Continue reading

Whose job is it to watch the Admins?

Administrators, privileged network deities or just a type of ordinary network user much the same as anyone else? Years into an age where IT security has become a mainstream topic, this remains the sort of polarising question that can provoke one of two reactions; shock or relief. Continue reading

Mitigate Operational Risk: Service Control in Privilege Guard 3.8

Privilege Guard becomes the only privilege management solution to provide control of Windows Services Services play an integral part of endpoint functionality – they are components of many desktop products, and almost all server implementations. On desktops, services run in the … Continue reading

Privilege Guard v3.8 is here!

Face the developing threat landscape head-on Today, Avecto are very excited to announce our latest and greatest release, Privilege Guard 3.8. Packed with unique and innovative features, version 3.8 really does set Privilege Guard apart in terms of our ability … Continue reading

How to deliver ultimate security whilst reducing costs

64% of IT security professionals believe malware incidents to be a significant reason for the increase in IT operating expenses (2013 State of The Endpoint, Ponemon) Today’s malware is increasingly sophisticated, taking advantage of normal user behaviour to gain a … Continue reading

Don’t fall victim to Privilege Creep!

Don’t let privilege creep be the downfall of a project to secure your company’s IT systems. What is Privilege Creep? Despite the work Microsoft has done to make Windows easier to run with standard user access, some Windows features and … Continue reading

How Least Privilege delivers ROI: More Insights from Gartner

How you could reduce the cost of downtime by 70% “Organizations which have a one size fits all approach to PC lock-down will have a higher TCO than organizations that optimize their policies based on user needs” (Gartner) Optimizing desktop … Continue reading