Key takeaways from London Tech Week

London Tech Week debuted in the capital last week, featuring over 200 independently run events packed into five days. With 30,000 attendees the event is designed to showcase the UK’s role as the digital heart of Europe. Continue reading

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UK Cyber Essentials Scheme Launched

Last week the UK Government launched the Cyber Essentials Scheme (CES) allowing businesses to demonstrate best practice in defending against common cyber threats.
The scheme, launched 5th June 2014, is a key objective in the government’s £860 million National Cyber Security Programme. The main objective is to ensure the UK is a safer place to conduct business online. Until now, there hasn’t been a single recognizable award in cybersecurity assurance suitable for all businesses. Developed in close consultation with industry and insurers, many incentives are being offered to businesses who join the scheme. Continue reading

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Is antivirus software dead?

Last month, Symantec’s senior VP for information security described antivirus as “dead”, estimating that antivirus now catches just 45% of cyber attacks. Continue reading

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Caught between a rock and a hard place

At the recent InfoSec event in London, I talked about why removing admin rights is the one big thing you can do to immediately improve your security posture. But instead of being at the top of the agenda, it’s often neglected. Why? Continue reading

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Endpoint security is eluding many businesses – but why?

There’s a general consensus that people are now more aware of security threats than ever before. Therefore, when we commissioned the ‘Cyber Strategies for Endpoint Defense 2014‘ report from Ponemon, we expected to find a greater level of knowledge and cyber security competency. What we got was a different picture! Continue reading

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The 3 Biggest Surprises of Cyber Strategies for Endpoint Defense

The latest research report from renowned research institute Ponemon has revealed a few big surprises about the priorities of IT and security professionals in 2014 and their plans to deal with today’s cyber threats.

Continue reading

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Golden opportunity to tame application privileges

Windows XP migration is a once in a generation opportunity.

What is it about Windows XP that has made getting rid of an obsolete operating system so difficult? On the face of it, it should be no contest; XP is inherently less secure than its successors, will no longer receive essential updates, cybercriminals target it more often, and it doesn’t even support the latest secure applications. These factors add up to higher support costs and risk. Continue reading

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How Windows XP’s End of Support Translates into a Window of Opportunity

The lead up to Windows XP’s expiration is causing a frenzy among the many businesses that are still running on the retiring operating system. Recent statistics show that XP still represents more than 30 percent of market share; unfortunately, the infection rate is six times higher than that of Windows 8 and two times higher than Windows 7. This means that every day that passes once Windows XP support expires will bring new risks to businesses that haven’t upgraded. As a result, we’re increasingly seeing IT departments starting or completing their migrations to Windows 7 in order to prevent huge customer support costs and minimize their attack vectors and risks of downtime.

Continue reading

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What can we learn from the latest data breaches?

The simple elevation of user and application privileges lies at the heart of many breaches

We must hope that January’s huge data breach at Target will be a turning point in the history of data breaches. For the first time, businesses are starting to ask difficult questions – might the fact that one of the US retail sector’s most respected retailers can be breached with such ease not be telling us that something is profoundly wrong with enterprise security? Continue reading

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5 Reasons to Keep Admin Rights off your PC

There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to run without admin rights, but for a recent webinar by Avecto, I narrowed it down to my top 5 reasons why it’s important to do so.
You can hear more about these on the on-demand webinar and see real examples of ethical hacking, where I show you some actual scenarios of vulnerabilities in the Windows OS. Continue reading

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