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Paul Kenyon
September 1st, 2015

Prevention is possible

This blog is meant as a rallying cry for anyone who has a vested interest in their organization’s security. My aim is to spearhead a new era where all companies take a proactive approach to their security. No longer will historic methods of blocking and defense after the event be the only tenets of a security strategy.


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Boards fall short on cyber security and technological knowledge

In light of the recent data breach at TalkTalk I started to think about why breaches are becoming so common and why there appears to be such a gap between corporate priorities and cyber security. Then something dawned on me, I spend a lot of time speaking with members of the C-suite and articulating the benefits of key security foundations and defense in depth. At lot of the time the members of the C-suite lack the requisite skills to really grasp the importance of cyber security. Through no fault of their own, they do not come from technology backgrounds, but from sales, finance and marketing. In addition, many corporates have not appointed a Chief Security Offer.

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Taking stock of National Cyber Security Awareness Month

The past month has been national cyber security awareness month in the US, this was designated by President Obama to engage and educate the public and private sector in cyber threats and online safety. Although the message of cyber awareness month is a positive one it has been somewhat overshadowed with media coverage dominated by cyber-attacks and data breaches.

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Let’s TalkTalk about data breaches. It’s not so simple

With the fallout around the TalkTalk data breach still happening, many people are left with one primary question: Why do data breaches continue to happen?

Securing an environment against data breach is not a simple affair and involves many layers of security working together to prevent, detect and respond to threats.

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Securing the server in today’s threat landscape

We’re often asked how Defendpoint works in a datacenter environment, how customers can achieve the same level of control over servers as they can with their endpoints.

When it comes to data breaches, servers represent one of the largest targets for both external and insider attacks. The risks around servers are often amplified by the fact that users login with highly privileged accounts.

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A coffee with Graham Cluley

Organizations, security professionals and vendors are in a constant battle to keep up with an evolving environment of advanced threats and malware strains. It seems as soon as we catch up with the cyber criminals, they shift up a gear. At the recent Gartner Security and Risk Management Summit in London, Avecto grabbed a coffee with the renowned security blogger and independent analyst, Graham Cluley, to take a pulse check of enterprise security.

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