Monthly Archives: February 2010

Embrace Group Policy, It Makes Sense…

It surprises me how few vendors use Active Directory Group Policy as a mechanism to centrally manage and deploy policy settings for their Windows based products, and instead build their own backend infrastructure for this purpose. I could rattle off a long list of benefits, including hierarchical management, a strong security model that includes delegated administration, built-in replication, stability and scalability, to name but a few..

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A Brief Introduction to Least Privilege

As a new software release for least privilege leaves the building, it seemed an opportune time to start blogging, not to plug the release of course, click here. Alright, I’m allowed one shameless plug in my first blog given the team have worked so hard on this release. But seriously, I’m hoping that my blog will become a balance between sharing my experience in the system management space, with a bias towards least privilege, and providing valuable insights into the Privilege Guard (Edit: now Defendpoint) product.

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