Monthly Archives: November 2011

Who’s in Charge of User Account Control?

Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report (SIR) v10, published in May this year, revealed figures that show Windows 7 is the company’s most secure operating system, reporting that the OS suffered fewer security incidents per 1000 computers than any other supported version of Windows in 2010. Windows 7 64-bit edition had 2.5 infections per 1000 computers, with 32-bit Windows 7 coming in at 3.8. This compared to 15.9 infections for Windows XP SP3 and 19.3 for XP SP2.

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Protecting Against Kernel-mode Rootkits with Avecto and McAfee

Kernel-mode rootkits install themselves deep inside the operating system. They often use cloaking techniques to hide themselves and other malware to prevent detection or removal. The introduction of kernel patch protection in 64-bit Windows made it more difficult for kernel-mode rootkits to infect the operating system, but the threat has not been completely removed, and rootkits have already penetrated 64-bit Windows.

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