Kris Zentek
February 2nd, 2012

Privilege Guard 3.0 is here!

I am pleased to announce that version Privilege Guard 3.0 (Edit: now Defendpoint) is now available for download. This release is the product of many months of development, and is packed with new features and enhancements. Keep an eye on our blog over the coming days and weeks as we explore them in more detail.

We at Avecto pride ourselves on being a dynamic, agile software house, and for listening to and working closely with our customers. Collaboration is key to maintaining Privilege Guard’s position as the leading solution for delivering least risk desktops and servers, and my thanks go to everyone who contributed to version 3.0.

Special thanks of course must go to our development and QA teams for delivering high quality, innovative software, on time, and to specification. A great start to a very exciting 2012!

Introducing Defendpoint

Edit: Privilege Guard has now evolved into the brand new security suite, Defendpoint, which encompasses Privilege Management, Application Control and Sandboxing. For more information, please visit

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