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Self-Provisioned Software Installation with Privilege Guard

In addition to elevating the rights of privileged applications and administrative tasks, Privilege Guard (Edit: now Defendpoint) can empower users to install approved software. Although most organizations will have some form of centralized software distribution in place, packaging every application for distribution is not always economical and often unnecessary. With Privilege Guard you can easily complement your existing software distribution solution to enable standard users to self-provision any corporate approved software or if necessary give some users an even greater level of autonomy and audit their actions.

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Welcome to RSA 2012 – and the world of 2012 cybersecurity defences

With the RSA Security Conference now upon us in the US – and with a welter of really interesting announcements coming out of the San Francisco event – I was intrigued to read a guest column from Art Coviello, the executive vice president of EMC, the parent company to RSA Security, on Forbes.

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