Monthly Archives: April 2012

Mitigating Advanced Malware Attacks with Least Privilege

Targeted malware attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are making malware detection and removal much more challenging. It is common knowledge that good security requires a defense-in-depth strategy, as no single solution can provide adequate protection from malware. Traditional approaches to malware detection should still be kept in place, to ensure that known threats and applications that exhibit malicious characteristics are quarantined at the earliest possible stage, but these need to be complimented by more advanced methods and best practices to deal with the ever changing threat landscape.

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SMEs are not immune to targeted hacking

Security can be a hard sell, and that’s particularly true in small and medium sized organizations (SMEs). A study of threat awareness, carried out by Symantec in 2011, shows that though some SMEs are aware of the security risks posed to information systems, many don’t consider themselves potential targets because hackers are more interested in large corporations and government agencies.

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