Monthly Archives: May 2012

Application Sandboxing in Windows 8

On first sight, Windows 8 might not appear to offer much in the way of new security features. The press is largely focusing on the new Metro style interface and applications, which provide the biggest visual differentiator between Windows 8 and its predecessor.  In this and upcoming blog posts, I want to pick out some changes that will impact security in Windows 8 and what we need to understand to work with the new security model.

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Software Licensing for Virtual Desktop Infrastructures and Terminal Servers

Many organizations waste thousands every year on unused software licenses. This occurs for a number of reasons, but not least due to the complexity of Microsoft licensing programmes and the need to track license usage across an ever changing IT infrastructure. With the growing popularization of virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), monitoring license usage has become more challenging as virtual machines (VMs) can be dynamically created for one-off applications, and software installed on-demand from app stores.

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