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Growth, Expansion and TechEd Europe

DACH Headquarters Announced Today @ TechEd Europe 2012!

There have been many amazing events over the last twelve months at Avecto and as we draw closer to the end of our FY it seems to just get better and better.

Today, we’ve announced the opening of our DACH Headquarters. This new office will spearhead our continued growth in the German, Austrian and Swiss markets, giving our customers in the region a focal point and a team of “feet on the street”. You can read all about it here.

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Benefits of Smart Card Authentication

Two factor authentication, such as that provided by smart cards, improves on basic passwords by ensuring that something a user has and something they know are presented before access to a system is granted; similar to taking cash from an ATM, where you must be in possession of your bank card and know the PIN. A user’s private key certificate information, which is stored on a smart card and used to uniquely identify the user, cannot be exported; the card will be automatically blocked after a number of unsuccessful PIN entries and cryptographic operations are carried out by a processor on the card itself, limiting the ability of malicious software on the PC to steal sensitive information.

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Flame is frightening but don’t hide under the bed

Cyber-weapons set the security bar uncomfortably high. But why make it easy for them?

Imagine a hacking enterprise free to develop malware on the back of an unlimited budget, a small army of elite coders and mathematicians, barely-documented programming, and a clutch of software vulnerabilities the world has never heard of.  Stopping such a program would surely be nigh on impossible.

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Welcome to TechEd NA 2012 and Welcome to Privilege Guard 3.5!

We’re here at TechEd NA 2012, in sunny Orlando, FL and we’re looking forward to a very busy event.

Today we launch Privilege Guard 3.5 (Edit: now Defendpoint) which you can see live on the Avecto Stand: #245. If you’re attending the event, stop by for a demo of our award winning solution.

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Ignoring application privileges has proved hugely risky. The tools now exist to put that right.

There can’t be a crazier unplanned wrinkle in the history of desktop computing than the way that the rise of the Windows PCs and client-server applications gradually turned ordinary PC users into reluctant software administrators.

PC users were suddenly put in charge of applications, sometimes with full admin rights. This was good because users were assumed to be a force for change and needed control to allow the client-server and PC movement to overthrow the dusty rooms full of green screens and Cobol coders of pre-Internet times.

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