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Java doesn’t deserve to be loathed. It just needs some love

It’s made the Internet a better place. But like all wonderful things, Java needs careful oversight

Java, what’s it good for? If the depressing zero day flaw parade of recent weeks is anything to go by, not a lot.

A quick description of the mess; on 10 January, exploits started circulating for a serious flaw in Java 7 Update 10 (itself a major overhaul, released mid-December), prompting an unusual ‘disable immediately’ warning from the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) no less.

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Advanced Use Cases for Message Hyperlinks

We introduced the hyperlink feature into Privilege Guard messages back in version 2.8, which allows IT admins to supply users with a link to information on an intranet or extranet. Although Privilege Guard messages are highly configurable, both in terms of display text and visual styles, there is only so much you can fit into a message, so having the ability to break out into a web page has proven very successful in making sure users are kept well informed as to why they are being prompted.

I wanted to write this post to highlight a few advanced use cases that you may want to try in your own Privilege Guard implementations, that may help you deliver a better experience to your end users, all using the message hyperlink option.

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With Enterprise Security, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

At the 2012 McAfee FOCUS conference in Las Vegas in October, Avecto conducted a survey that revealed some serious concerns IT professionals have about their companies’ privilege control policies. In addition to pointing out the wide disparity that exists between organizations’ future security goals and their existing (and often, lacking) best practices, the survey also shed some light on what the future holds for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) within the enterprise.

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4 Security Considerations for 2013

While forecasting the security culprits of the coming year has become a clichéd annual technology tradition, there is definite value in preparing for what may lurk ahead. Take for instance, how quickly the threat landscape has shifted.  It’s hard to believe that movements, like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) or cloud computing, have only recently emerged, yet they have become ingrained in our security posture and threat landscape. Considering this speed of change, taking a moment to reflect on the security risks ahead is not only prudent, but could save your organization from being blindsided. From my view, here’s what I’d recommend organizations, from SMBs to the enterprise, prepare for 2013.

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Resolutions, Predictions and all that jazz…

If Christmas is a time for reflection and tradition, then the New Year is a time when many of us make those New Year resolutions. My New Year’s resolution this year is to keep a positive attitude, but I doubt that will last long.

On a serious note, one aspect of the New Year that has always intrigued me is the media publication of elements contained within Old Moores Almanack. This annual publication produced today by W. Foulsham & Company Limited, offers predictions of world and sporting events, as well as more conventional data such as tide tables. It’s been going since 1697 originally written by the self-taught physician and astrologer Francis Moore, a member of the court of Charles II.

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