Monthly Archives: April 2013

Privilege Guard ePO Edition is Here!

Today we are very pleased to announce the release of Privilege Guard ePO Edition, a brand new version tightly integrated with McAfee ePO which delivers comprehensive and scalable privilege management to all McAfee secured endpoints.

Since we released the McAfee ePO Integration Pack last year, we have been focused on extending our very successful partnership with McAfee, by building a complete solution within the ePO ecosystem.

We are really pleased with the end result, which showcases the strength of Avecto’s innovative approach to least privilege, married with the powerful ePO platform.

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Centralized management: ignore the user at your peril

Admins must immerse themselves in the complex world of the endpoint

Centralized management has been an everyday part of computing since the era of the mainframe and yet many decades on its design, operation and ultimate purpose is still undergoing a fascinating and restless evolution.

History should have ended with the mainframe: centralizing the management of computing resources was the natural order; simple, time-efficient, obviously cheaper and absolutely predictable. Then a bunch of clever people came up with the microprocessor and its revolutionary progeny, the personal computer, and centralization built on a simple top-down hierarchy was swept away.

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