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How Least Privilege delivers ROI: More Insights from Gartner

How you could reduce the cost of downtime by 70%

“Organizations which have a one size fits all approach to PC lock-down will have a higher TCO than organizations that optimize their policies based on user needs” (Gartner)

Optimizing desktop and server security may seem to have little to do with your organization’s profit and loss, share price and bottom line, but going beyond anti-virus protection can have a significant impact on user productivity and total cost of ownership.

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How Least Privilege Delivers ROI: Insights from Gartner

In an era where 67% of security professionals believe that they do not have ample resource to minimize IT endpoint risk throughout their organization (2013 State of the Endpoint, Ponemon), it has never been more crucial that the IT security projects you prioritize deliver maximum return on investment as well as exceptional security benefits.

Within their 2013 desktop total cost of ownership (TCO) study, research from Gartner continues to advocate the movement of organizations towards a ‘locked and well managed’ environment with respect to user privilege.  The cost profile associated with this landscape is coveted by global organizations as it results in TCO savings of almost 30% against a ‘moderately managed’ environment; that’s $1,264 per desktop per year.

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Admin Rights: The Root Cause Behind Today’s Top Security Concerns

At April’s Infosecurity Europe conference in London, we conducted a survey that revealed a troubling disparity between IT professionals’ top security concerns and their existing (or lack of) best practices. Results shed light on the extent to which organizations allow employees full control over their desktops and servers, without implementing adequate controls to defend against accidental or deliberate misuse of privileges.

Of the 500 surveyed participants, comprising IT security decision makers at the show, 41 percent cited rogue employees as the biggest threat to their organization. An additional 31 percent of respondents reported malware exploits and targeted cyber-attacks as their top threats and 8 percent of respondents pointed to unauthorized software as most dangerous.

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