Monthly Archives: December 2013

Admin Rights in Windows 7/8: 5 Steps to Make Your Migration a Success

Imagine an OS without security updates, hotfixes or support – being stuck in a world of perpetual zero days in what would effectively be open season for cybercriminals. Come April 8th 2014, this is exactly what many organizations will be facing as Microsoft withdraws it’s free support for the hugely popular Windows XP operating system.

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Top 5 Security Predictions for 2014

2013 will be remembered as a somewhat turbulent year for cyber and data security. Amongst the numerous high profile data breaches, involving such companies as The New York Times, Adobe and Facebook, was of course Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal, which effectively changed the game in terms of the ‘insider threat’.

However, promising to be just as significant a year for security, we look at the top 5 challenges affecting organizations in 2014.

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Cyber Threats: How modern hackers are waiting to ensnare the user

Hackers have evolved since the days when you would receive an anonymous email with a suspicious attachment. Now cyber-criminals are using ever more sophisticated methods to circumvent system defenses and actively pursue an organization’s single biggest weakness, the user.

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