Monthly Archives: January 2016

Patient Zero Day

Hospitals are used to dealing with viruses, from the common cold to a variety of tropical diseases there are procedures in place to diagnose, isolate and treat patients. What is more challenging to them is dealing with digital infections, which can wreak havoc and cause the digital realm to endanger people’s lives.

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Endpoint vs. Network Security – who wins?

If you can contain or block threats before they hit the endpoint with network-based security such as detection and sandboxing, that is always a good idea. The problem is that if you don’t secure the endpoints first, you end up with an eggshell security stance, where you are reliant on a single outer shell to protect your data. Without secure endpoints, even one small crack in the network shell will cause all of your data to spill out, creating a real mess..

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Checking the pulse of Customer Success

I recently attended Pulse Europe 2015, the first European version of the increasingly successful Pulse conference normally hosted in San Francisco. It is sponsored by Gainsight who provide a Customer Success solution and much thought leadership around the growing trend of Customer Success.

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Stakeholders rock: Guides, not barriers

At the end of October last year, I attended NUX4, a conference for people involved in working to deliver better experiences (mainly digital ones).

One of the key themes of the day was about how we can achieve better outcomes by working effectively and collaboratively with stakeholders, rather than viewing them as barriers to getting things signed off.

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Stamping out stigma: Avecto + Wellbeing

25% of people in the UK will experience a mental health issue each year. Take a quick look around you now – between you and the three people closest to you – one of you is likely to have dealt with or be dealing with anxiety, stress, depression, eating disorders, self-harm or any other mental health illness.

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