Mark Austin
February 28th, 2010

Embrace Group Policy, It Makes Sense…

It surprises me how few vendors use Active Directory Group Policy as a mechanism to centrally manage and deploy policy settings for their Windows based products, and instead build their own backend infrastructure for this purpose. I could rattle off a long list of benefits, including hierarchical management, a strong security model that includes delegated administration, built-in replication, stability and scalability, to name but a few..

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Privilege Guard 3.0 Reporting Pack Preview

Last week I gave you a sneak preview of Privilege Guard 3.0 (Edit: now Defendpoint), which will be released at the start of the New Year. We will also be releasing two new add on modules for Privilege Guard, and today I want to give you a preview of the Reporting Pack module.

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Centralizing Windows Events with Event Forwarding

If you are interested in centralizing Windows events from your desktops or servers then you should take a serious look at Windows Event Forwarding. Event Forwarding is provided by Windows Remote Management (WinRM) and enables you to get events from remote computers and store them in the local event log of an event collector computer.

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