Mark Austin
November 2nd, 2012

The Windows Tablet Conundrum

As the myriad of reviews for the Windows RT Surface hit the Internet, it has simply strengthened my stance that I will wait for the Windows Pro Surface or similar Intel powered tablets before considering taking the plunge. It’s not that the Windows RT Surface doesn’t have appeal, but the Windows Pro tablet gives me many more reasons to consider switching to a Microsoft Windows powered tablet.

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NotPetya ransomware: Attack analysis

On June 27, 2017 a number of organisations across Europe began reporting significant system outages caused by a ransomware strain referred to as Petya. The ransomware is very similar to older Petya ransomware attacks from previous years, but the infection and propagation method is new, leading to it being referred to as NotPetya. Due to the sudden and significant impact of the attack, it was immediately likened to the WannaCry outbreak causing concerns globally. 

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