Kris Zentek
December 4th, 2012

Privilege Guard Activity Viewer

The new Activity Viewer in Privilege Guard 3.6 (Edit: now Defendpoint) is an advanced diagnostics tool to help with refining Privilege Guard policies. It allows you to connect to any client, local or remote, and view all recent activity that the Privilege Guard Client has performed.

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New Ways to Reduce the Risk of Admin Operations

Remote Administration of Servers and Desktops with Least Privilege

Microsoft PowerShell is an essential tool to manage and administer servers and desktops in the enterprise.  As time passes, an increasing array of Microsoft Windows operating system components and Windows applications are being automated through PowerShell cmdlets.  Since PowerShell has a secure remote connection capability, administrators work from their own computer to manage many remote machines.  However, this efficient administrative practice requires IT Staff to have admin rights on hundreds or thousands of desktops and servers in the organization.

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