Paul Kenyon
January 17th, 2013

With Enterprise Security, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

At the 2012 McAfee FOCUS conference in Las Vegas in October, Avecto conducted a survey that revealed some serious concerns IT professionals have about their companies’ privilege control policies. In addition to pointing out the wide disparity that exists between organizations’ future security goals and their existing (and often, lacking) best practices, the survey also shed some light on what the future holds for Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) within the enterprise.

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The candidate driven market: Why companies should embrace it

Talent. It’s not necessarily hard to find, but to tempt that talent away from their current employer, well that’s another matter. The most successful team members in any organization are exactly that; successful. Their W2s are off the charts, colleagues, both former and current rave about their skills, and customers welcome them with open arms. So, if your market is booming and anyone who’s anyone is hiring, why would a talented person leave their current role? And more importantly, why would they join your company?

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Buy now – breached later

Once again retailers are ramping up operations in time for the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Given the recent huge scale DDoS attacks powered by IOT devices under the control of the Mirai botnet retailers are taking many precautions to keep transactions flowing during the sales. Unfortunately, just as the retailers are getting prepared so are the attackers, ready to seize any opportunity to steal user’s data or hold retailers to ransom.

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Arabian Bytes

Recently, the Avecto team travelled to the Middle East for a four-country roadshow, hopping from KSA to UAE, Jordan and finally Lebanon. We travelled with the esteemed Microsoft MVP, Sami Laiho and our partners in the region Crestan, in a bid to spread the message of the importance of back to basics security and for Sami to showcase the simplicity of breaking Windows without the right security foundations in place. ­

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What is customer success?

You may have come across the term Customer Success, and perhaps you thought it was a new concept, or a rehashing of an old concept, or just the latest business fad? In the following the post, I will debunk two of the most common misconceptions about what Customer Success is and then give you my opinion of what Customer Success should, and could be.

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Is social engineering the new norm?

Throughout history humans have sought to socially engineer each other, exploiting social norms and applying pressure to reveal information or gain advantage. From travelling conmen and master spies to cyber threats and phishing emails the fundamental problem is the same, humans can be manipulated.

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