Kris Zentek
February 4th, 2013

Another Hyperlink Use Case

Following on from my previous blog on advanced hyperlink use cases, here is another great use case which I’d like to share.

Alternate execution for On Demand

It is quite common for organizations to implement a general On Demand policy to facilitate access to privileges. This can either be rolled out as a trust based model (backed by auditing), or through helpdesk authorization (with Challenge / Response codes). You may also define a policy that explicitly blocks On Demand admin privileges for specific applications, in which case you would present them with a blocking message:

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Google Docs users hit by sophisticated phishing scam

A widespread scam affecting Google Docs began to land in users’ inboxes on Wednesday in what has been described as a sophisticated phishing campaign. 

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A call to our customers

Avecto is listed as an official security provider in the Endpoint Protection Platforms category on the Gartner Peer Insights website. In case you aren’t familiar with the site, it’s a review portal for security leaders and their teams to get anonymous third party feedback on a vendor and their software solutions. We firmly believe this type of resource is a hugely valuable, open and honest way of assessing the security landscape. So this is our rallying call, for Avecto customers to tell the world what you think about our Defendpoint software.

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IT professionals ask for the “Easy Button”, but does it even exist?

I speak to many IT professionals who don’t have visibility over the endpoints and don’t really understand the day to day work behaviors of their staff. When asked to “secure the endpoint” by their management, there are many misconceptions about the effectiveness which naturally arise.

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Zero days – The return of Dridex

The Dridex banking Trojan, once one of the most active and prolific malware strains, went quiet back in the summer of 2016. The large-scale spam operations distributing it dried up and the few samples that still appeared showed no significant changes. This appears to have represented a period where the attackers were retooling as Dridex has returned with fury and a spam campaign spearheaded by malicious Word documents exploiting a zero day vulnerability in Microsoft Office.

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Avecto partner focus: Crestan

 Sandra Salame, Operations Manager at Crestan, talks about the benefits of a partnership with Avecto and discusses our successful Middle East roadshow featuring award-winning speaker and Microsoft MVP Sami Laiho.

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