Customer service lessons from the meerkat

There are many aspects of customer service that are often portrayed as more complicated than they really are. This happens in all industries; sometimes for good reason, but regularly it occurs unnecessarily. 

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Enhanced User Experience in Privilege Guard v3.8

Privilege Guard’s UAC Replacement Extends to MSI Packages

For quite some time we have supported Windows Installer packages, empowering standard users to run MSI’s, MSU’s and MSP’s that would require administrator privileges to complete. This functionality is fundamental in most least privilege deployments, where power users are delegated the privilege of choosing their own productivity tools.

We worked closely with our customers to understand how we can improve this offering, and came up with some additional use cases. We listened, and we delivered a much better user experience in 3.8.

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Migrating? Put admin rights in the past!

Do you give local administrative rights to all your users?  Or maybe it’s just to the executives or laptop users?  As companies now have under a year to move away from Windows XP, this is the perfect, once-in-a-decade opportunity to make your environment more secure, raise user productivity and make the lives of your support personnel easier.

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5 Ways to Manage the Social Impact of Least Privilege

IT departments are often met with employee demand for unrealistic levels of service and autonomy. This can be especially problematic when migrating to a least privilege environment. There are, however, steps that can be taken to communicate and convey the benefits of least privilege, reducing friction between end users and the IT department.

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Tracking of Downloaded Applications

Modern IT organizations recognize the cost savings to be gained by empowering users to source and install their own applications, and least privilege provides the layer of security required to grant the use of admin privileges, required for nearly all software installations, without giving the user a full administrator account.

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