Kris Zentek
February 8th, 2012

Allow Standard Users to Unlock Shared Workstations

It is not uncommon for office based computer users to lock their desktop at the end of the working day, instead of shutting it down, maybe just force of habit from bygone days of long logon times. If they are using a Windows domain joined desktop, this poses a problem, because only they can unlock it again and so the desktop is rendered unusable by other users.

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Mitigate Operational Risk: Service Control in Privilege Guard 3.8

Privilege Guard becomes the only privilege management solution to provide control of Windows Services

Services play an integral part of endpoint functionality – they are components of many desktop products, and almost all server implementations. On desktops, services run in the background across multiple user sessions, most commonly for products such as antivirus, firewalls and other security products. On servers, many roles function as services because of the performance and high availability requirements of applications in the datacenter.

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Privilege Guard v3.8 is here!

Face the developing threat landscape head-on

Today, Avecto are very excited to announce our latest and greatest release, Privilege Guard 3.8.

Packed with unique and innovative features, version 3.8 really does set Privilege Guard apart in terms of our ability to solve real challenges when implementing least privilege. Our experience in delivering successful projects to some of the world’s largest organizations has helped us understand what is important; ensuring that users are given a seamless, hassle-free and productive experience when logged on as a standard user.

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