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Are you coming to Hack Manchester 2018?

Jonathan Clarke

Are you ready to use your technology skills to help protect friends and family from today’s growing cyber security threat?

We are super excited to be sponsoring Hack Manchester for the first time this year!

Here at Avecto (now a Bomgar company) we develop an award-winning endpoint security solution which global organizations use to remove unchecked admin rights and reduce the chances of becoming victims of a cyber-attack.

HACK Manchester is an amazing coding competition that attracts the greatest, brightest and most creative minds in the technology community. Each team of four uses their innovation, coding and technical skills to master the challenge and present their finished working product 24 hours later. As part of the Manchester Science Festival, this year it is being held at the Museum of Science and Industry.

We are supporting Hack Manchester Junior (ages 8 - 17 years) which is being held on the 22 - 23 October, as well as the Senior (18+) event, being held 27 - 28 October.

We love seeing passionate minds solve real world cybersecurity problems, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there for a weekend jam-packed with tech, collaboration and (most importantly) fun!

The challenge

We challenge you to create a digital solution to help protect or inform friends and family of the issues around Cyber Security.
It could be a social media platform which is impossible to bully people on, or a bot which could protect users, or an app for parents and carers to use. Another idea could be a game which teaches Cyber Security risks and best practice to defeat them!

We’re judging this Challenge on the solutions’ creativity, uniqueness and potential usefulness, so this is your chance to think outside the box and make something really innovative!

Our Head of Research, John Goodridge, and Emma Gallagher, our Technology Resourcing Partner, will be judging your creations and selecting a winning team!

The prize

What’s up for grabs? The members of the winning team will each win an all-new Amazon Echo Spot!


We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Keep an eye out for a friendly Avecto face and grab some of our freebies, don’t forget to keep us updated on Twitter and tag @Bomgar.

Happy hacking!