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Buy now – breached later

Once again retailers are ramping up operations in time for the infamous Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. Given the recent huge scale DDoS attacks powered by IOT devices under the control of the Mirai botnet retailers are taking many precautions to keep transactions flowing during the sales. Unfortunately, just as the retailers are getting prepared so are the attackers, ready to seize any opportunity to steal user’s data or hold retailers to ransom.

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Blackhat Friday

Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, Black Friday and the subsequent Cyber Monday have firmly established themselves in the US calendar. With online retailers having worldwide reach we are also seeing Black Friday and Cyber Monday being adopted by retailers around the globe. With huge savings to be made and shoppers swept up in the frenzy of the holiday season it is also a prime time for cybercrime.

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Phishy deals on Cyber Monday?

As America recovers from Turkey overload this Thanksgiving, thrifty shoppers are dusting off their credit cards to satisfy an altogether different appetite – the appetite for a bargain. With Black Friday already upon us and Cyber Monday just around the corner, online retailers are offering their most tempting holiday deals.

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