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Keeping cyber security front of mind this October

Since the mid 90′s, the internet has had a profound impact on our personal and business lives. It’s transformed how we communicate, how we shop, even how we heat our homes. In an enterprise setting, the internet is the lifeblood of the organization, the engine which keeps everything moving. And yet the World Wide Web, on which we’ve come to depend, can also pose a significant threat if we don’t take the appropriate steps to mitigate its risks.

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Lessons learned from 25 years of the Web

With 2014 marking the 25th anniversary of the internet, how do modern cyber security challenges compare to those of the early days of the World Wide Web?

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Key takeaways from London Tech Week

London Tech Week debuted in the capital last week, featuring over 200 independently run events packed into five days. With 30,000 attendees the event is designed to showcase the UK’s role as the digital heart of Europe.

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