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The 3 Biggest Surprises of Cyber Strategies for Endpoint Defense

The latest research report from renowned research institute Ponemon has revealed a few big surprises about the priorities of IT and security professionals in 2014 and their plans to deal with today’s cyber threats.

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What can we learn from the latest data breaches?

The simple elevation of user and application privileges lies at the heart of many breaches.

We must hope that January’s huge data breach at Target will be a turning point in the history of data breaches. For the first time, businesses are starting to ask difficult questions – might the fact that one of the US retail sector’s most respected retailers can be breached with such ease not be telling us that something is profoundly wrong with enterprise security?

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Cyber Threats: How modern hackers are waiting to ensnare the user

Hackers have evolved since the days when you would receive an anonymous email with a suspicious attachment. Now cyber-criminals are using ever more sophisticated methods to circumvent system defenses and actively pursue an organization’s single biggest weakness, the user.

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