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Unravelling the World Wide Web and its impact on IT security

Last year, 73% of the UK population accessed the internet every day, according to figures from the ONS, and in our workplaces, more and more time is spent online.

Today’s workers expect full access to online content in order to do their jobs effectively. With the rising influence of millennial employees, an increasing number expect to be able to access social media and other personal content at all times too.

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Security Controls: Securing the perfect balance between usage and effectiveness

Growing instances of cyber threats have dawned a new era in IT security, as protecting the endpoint becomes a major concern for organizations everywhere. We know that improving security is a goal that most organizations strive for, but many struggle when it comes to developing effective strategies.

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Endpoint security is eluding many businesses – but why?

There’s a general consensus that people are now more aware of security threats than ever before. Therefore, when we commissioned the ‘Cyber Strategies for Endpoint Defense 2014‘ report from Ponemon, we expected to find a greater level of knowledge and cyber security competency. What we got was a different picture.

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