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Patient Zero Day

Hospitals are used to dealing with viruses, from the common cold to a variety of tropical diseases there are procedures in place to diagnose, isolate and treat patients. What is more challenging to them is dealing with digital infections, which can wreak havoc and cause the digital realm to endanger people’s lives.

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Endpoint vs. Network Security – who wins?

If you can contain or block threats before they hit the endpoint with network-based security such as detection and sandboxing, that is always a good idea. The problem is that if you don’t secure the endpoints first, you end up with an eggshell security stance, where you are reliant on a single outer shell to protect your data. Without secure endpoints, even one small crack in the network shell will cause all of your data to spill out, creating a real mess..

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Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas – Advanced attacks and the InfoSec dream

During August members of the InfoSec community leave the comfort of their ergonomic desks and head out into the Nevada desert on a spiritual pilgrimage to Las Vegas. This mass movement is no coincidence, the draw is clear with Black Hat, DEF CON, BSides Vegas and the Star Trek Convention all occurring within a week. If you have an interest in offensive security, protecting data or ensuring your car cannot be remotely hijacked, Las Vegas is the place to be in August.

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Don’t blame cyber attackers for data breaches, blame a lack of preparation

Cyber attackers are savvy, their methods are sophisticated, and we in the InfoSec community need to get over it.

At the Check Point Cyber Security Symposium in Sydney last week, Telstra CIO, Mike Burgess criticized those organizations that overly focus on attributing cyber attacks, or blaming ‘sophisticated’ attackers for their networks being compromised.

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Is InfoSec languishing in the dark ages?

Last week saw the start of RSA 2015, the annual gathering of security professionals and vendors from across the world in San Francisco. In the opening session, Amit Yoran, president of RSA, declared that InfoSec needed to escape the dark ages.

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