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Avecto’s channel predictions for the year ahead

A new year brings with it a new set of security challenges. From the escalation of ransomware and social engineering to the Internet of Things and the continued security headache that presents. Keeping pace with these challenges and staying one step ahead of cyber crime will be critical for security vendors but it also has a significant knock-on effect for the channel.

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2017 predictions: Looking forward to a new year in cyber security

As another busy year in cyber security draws to an end, our team shares their thoughts on the trends and issues we should keep an eye out for in 2017.  How can we stay protected against the latest threats? I asked our experts for their views and we’d be interested to hear your predictions too…

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2017 – The year of social engineering-as-a-service?

Social engineering is the use of psychological tools such as deceit, misdirection, manipulation and flattery to elicit unauthorised information or access to systems. Social engineering is an increasingly common way for criminals to attack organisations as it does not always rely on cyber vulnerabilities but rather takes advantage of the weakest element in an organisation, human beings. People are susceptible to social engineering because these attacks exploit social norms and human nature, including reciprocity, curiosity, and pride. As we become increasingly connected – at work, at home and intertwining the two – the opportunities and impacts of social engineering are increasing.

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2016 predictions: Securely does it

2015 has often been referred to as the year of the breach, with high profile attacks affecting global organizations in huge numbers. It was the year data breaches got personal with high profile attacks compromising almost every aspect of user’s lives.

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Top 5 Security Predictions for 2014

2013 will be remembered as a somewhat turbulent year for cyber and data security. Amongst the numerous high profile data breaches, involving such companies as The New York Times, Adobe and Facebook, was of course Edward Snowden and the NSA scandal, which effectively changed the game in terms of the ‘insider threat’.

However, promising to be just as significant a year for security, we look at the top 5 challenges affecting organizations in 2014.

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