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Zero days – The return of Dridex

The Dridex banking Trojan, once one of the most active and prolific malware strains, went quiet back in the summer of 2016. The large-scale spam operations distributing it dried up and the few samples that still appeared showed no significant changes. This appears to have represented a period where the attackers were retooling as Dridex has returned with fury and a spam campaign spearheaded by malicious Word documents exploiting a zero day vulnerability in Microsoft Office.

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Patient Zero Day

Hospitals are used to dealing with viruses, from the common cold to a variety of tropical diseases there are procedures in place to diagnose, isolate and treat patients. What is more challenging to them is dealing with digital infections, which can wreak havoc and cause the digital realm to endanger people’s lives.

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Hacking Team – Zero Day Any Day

In InfoSec these past few weeks it has been impossible to miss the news that the secretive spyware company known as Hacking Team has been breached and their files posted online. This compromise has resulted in 400GB of confidential data being released online and caused widespread embarrassment for the company and clients alike.

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